Piano Lessons in your home

P.S. Guitar Lessons Also Available (Classic Rock Only!)

Vincent mignon


Mr. Mignon is a retired businessman but before he embarked on his business career and raising two children in Garden City, NY, he was a former rock n’ roll musician (piano, guitar, bass guitar), classical pianist, church choir director and accompanist.

He began his college career at Syracuse University and earned his Musical Education Degree at C.W. Post College where he studied conducting under Alexander Dashnaw and piano under Cynthia Earl Toddings.

During this time at C.W. Post he was a member of a rock n’ roll band under contract to Electra Records until his inner voice told him (and his bandmates) to abandon rock n’ roll for the more satisfying world of classical piano and conducting.

Now Mr Mignon feels it is time to give back to the next generation and teach them what his masterful teaches taught him; discipline, respect, beauty and old fashion hard work and a more rewarding musical life through the classics.